Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our basil farm!

We grow all our own basil before bashing it up with a little chilli, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil - delicious on top of our cooked breakfasts.

Peter's Connemara

Canadian painter Peter Hendrick painted these during his recent stay - Peter it was a pleasure having you in the house!

ONLY Free Range

Every Wednesday morning Frank supplies us with his amazing free range eggs - you can taste the difference!

The best sausages in Ireland!

The best sausages in Ireland? We think so...Hetridges here in Galway supply us with their amazing creations. These ones are sun dried tomato and olive, but we also cook up "chilli and fennel" or "herb and garlic" - seriously good local produce!!!

Rus's Balsamic Tomatoes

These a proving to be a big hit at breakfast! Cherry tomatoes, sugar, olive oil, balsamic and salt and pepper - roast in a tray at 200c for 25 mins - double yum!